Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blood Dolphins

        In 2009, Ric O'barry starred and released his movie "The Cove," which exposed what senseless acts the Japanese have been committing in Taiji, Japan to innocent dolphins and porpoises.  The Cove reveals that the Japanese have been capturing, selling, and violently murdering these animals.  After they are killed, the dolphin meat is sold illegally and put in markets.  The meat contains a dangerous amount of mercury and can result in sickness and death if one is exposed to it too much.  The movie won an oscar and helped to teach people about the atrocities being committed and the dangers of eating dolphin meat.
     Today, Mr. O'barry has again made it his mission to stop the killing.  The hunt starts in September and goes through March and in that time over 23,000 dolphins are killed.  This September he traveled to Taiji, Japan to help prevent the slaughter from starting.  With him he brought the Japanese media.  He was lucky enough to temporarily stall the killings and he was aired on the Japanese news.  Unfortunately, it's going to take a lot more than a few cameras and Ric O'barry's drive to stop the Japanese from killing because the hunt began the moment Mr. O'barry took a trip to Tokyo.
    Tune into Animal Planet every Friday night at 9 PM e/p to learn more about Ric O'barry's cause and mission on his new show, "Blood Dolphins."

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