Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Killing Begins

      On September 26, 2010, Ric O'Barry reported that the Japanese government has decided to allow the dolphins slaughter to begin again. It's upsetting that the government would allow this tragedy to continue especially after learning that it has been proven that there are dangerous amounts of mercury in the dolphin meat. In the beginning months of the hunting season only fifteen dolphins were killed total. However, the hunters carried on with capturing dolphins, choosing the ones fit for selling, and then releasing the ones that were not chosen for the market back into the wild. Although the killing has begun again there is still hope for stopping it. The Japanese people are gaining more and more knowledge about the atrocities being committed and are volunteering to help out with the Save The Dolphins team. A recent Japanese activist interviewed several people on their opinion about "The Cove" and was pleasantly surprised to find out that many more people know about it than before. The Save The Dolphins team is working hard to get the Japanese version of "The Cove" distributed throughout Japan and Barack Obama is planning to visit Japan in November.  With the help of the community and government it is possible to stop this senseless murder and free the dolphins

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